Our history

Our history

Hotel Europa was built in 1926 by Wilhelm Holm and his wife Dorthe. The hotel was named “Grand Hotel”. The guests who visited the hotel came from the “better circles”.

On September 4, 1944, the hotel, along with a number of other hotels, was seized by the Armed Forces.
When the buildings had been evacuated in May 1945, major clean-up work was underway. At the same time, a new owner took over the hotel.

The director of “Cimbria A / S”, Consul Kresten Hansen, led the negotiations with the new buyer, Marie Schmidt, as long-time chairman of the hotel’s limited company.
In a very short time, the “Grand Hotel” became a place buzzing with activity and atmosphere. It was thus here that the heyday of the hotel really took its beginning.

His son Johan and his wife Britta took over the hotel when Marie Schmidt died in 1956. Since then, the hotel has undergone a number of changes.

in 1959 they had a number of rooms furnished in the attic and in a superstructure above the former lodge hall
in 1961 they decorated an inn, to which there was access from the foyer and the restaurant
in 1962/63 an extension of 130 m2 was built on 4 floors north of the hotel
in 1966, the basement restaurant “The 3 Mackerels” was established
“The 3 Mackerels” soon became full of “Restaurant Havbunden”
in 1972 the restaurant was renewed with a grill, which was placed towards the buffet
in 1975 followed the establishment of a new front door from the west side of the hotel